Director Jérôme Dolbert On Filming With The LitraTorch

May 21, 2018 0 Comments

filming with the litratorch led light

Director, producer, and cinematographer Jérôme Dolbert recently completed his documentary film set in Cambodia, called A Child’s Smile. The film focuses on the history and education system of girls in Cambodia, and discusses the issues surrounding girls in schools, gender inequality, and health care. Today, 30% of Cambodian women over 15 years old do not know how to read or write (compared to 15% of men), and girls only represent 36% of the children in school in Cambodia. With this documentary, Dolbert hopes to share his insightful experience and express the importance of gender equality in Cambodia, especially within the education system.

filming with the litratorch led light

While on location filming, Dolbert was only able to carry a limited amount of gear to make ongoing travel manageable. He alone carried his 100 kg worth of video equipment from Los Angeles to Shanghai to Phnom Pen, Cambodia. During his month of shooting in Cambodia, he traveled from the capital of Phnom Penh, to the surrounding villages of Prek Thmey, Chheu Teal, Koh Anlong Chen, and Don Sor. Needless to say, he wanted the best quality gear, that was relatively small and lightweight, but could also take a beating. For that reason, Dolbert chose Litra Gear for his video lighting. Check out what he had to say about his experience using Litra Gear below.

filming with the litratorch led light

Gear Used

  • Red Digital Cinema Weapon 8K Super 35 CMOS Sensor
  • Tripod Sachter
  • Angineux 48-130mm T3 Optimo Style Zoom - 8K
  • Sigma 14mm T2 FF High-Speed Prime (EF Mount) - 8K
  • LitraTorches

Experience With LitraTorch

LitraTorch Photo and Video Light is the ideal. It works great for me. I am so glad with this product. I can't recommend enough this LitraTorch Photo and Video Light. LitraTorch – Professional Adventure Lighting In Your Pocket. I used Litra Torch for my last documentary A Child's Smile in Cambodia. I love it. Don't look at any other brands but Litra. You'll be very happy with this little cube light.

filming with the litratorch led light


Compact and lightweight. I travel a lot to shoot documentaries in different countries. I am always looking for solutions that are easy to carry. LitraTorch is amazing. I am very impressed by the design and construction quality.


I really love playing with this small light, it’s a lot brighter than you would think it is.  These are some powerhouses that will light up any scene. Powerful little lights. Diffusers included. They come with a dome diffuser and rubber cover for the body of the light. Nice lightweight addition to handheld macro rig. Puts out a pretty decent amount of light for its tiny size.


Solid material. The magnet part on the back of the light is pretty useful when I’m trying to hang it around. The light is extremely useful, very well designed, and it allows me to creatively light my scenes in new and innovative ways, because of their small size. They are very well built, and can take a beating. These lights work great. Super bright and high quality build. I love the fact that they're water resistant, all aluminum, and rechargeable. I used it for constant lighting when I was doing some close-up and medium-shots into slums.

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About Jérôme Dolbert

Mr. Jérôme Dolbert was born and raised in Paris, France. He is a recognized and established commercial filmmaker with over 20 years of experience in the industry who has gained tremendous popularity with the leading directors and producers of independent films, television series, and commercial productions.