How I Got the Shot - Joe Pellicone

March 09, 2020 0 Comments


Welcome to our How I Got The Shot series! Here we go behind the lens of photographers and videographers around the world to find out how they used their Litra gear to capture an amazing shot, sometimes in the most unexpected situations. Below we hear from Joe Pellicone on how he captured these awesome photos that show his versatility as a photographer!

How I got the Shot

They say that photography is all about capturing light. Sometimes it's natural light and other times it's man made. Recently I was introduced to a lighting company called Litra that makes some pretty amazing products and the ones that I have been using fit right in my pocket. While I'm still discovering all the things that can be done with these lights, I did notice that they work great in at least three specific ways. The first way is lighting a subject directly. This entails simply using the lights in their native mode to light a subject with clean white light. The second method is modifying the colors of your subject by using the color gel accessories, and the third is using them for light paintings. For this article, I am focusing on the last two, mainly because I’m a color-aholic!

Gear Used

2 - LitraTorch 2.0 (with Diffuser & Color Filter Set) - A tiny cube that puts out an unbelievable amount of light.

2 - LitraPro (with Diffuser & Color Filter Set) - A bit bigger but still easily pocketable light that allows for incremental power changes from 0% to 100% and also allows for color temperature changes.

(Note: All of this gear fits into a small pouch!)


Project 1 - Table Top 

The first project I tried was the direct lighting of small subjects on a tabletop with two LitraPro. As you can see it does an excellent job for a small light and creates a very unique effect. This is a photo of some lego figures on a board. The setup is a LitraPro on the left side with a red filter and another one on the right with a blue filter. Both were set at about 30% brightness and at 4000K.


Project 2 - Light Painting

I went on to try some crazy light painting around an SUV. I placed my camera on a Platypod and set it for a long exposure. Then I walked around the car with the lights and pointed at the camera to get this crazy effect. Adding the colored filters made this project even more fun.


There are an infinite number of possibilities when painting with light. I tried several different combinations from having the lights facing the camera the entire time in the first photo to waiting until I reached the back of the car to turn the light towards the camera to create the tail in the second photo.

All images are edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. The ground was painted in Adobe Photoshop on both car images. Using the LitraPros for these fun projects was easy and awesome. Both the LitraTorch 2.0 and the LitraPro, besides being incredibly bright, are easy to pack and take along which makes them always available and ready to use! I plan to experiment with these lights in a lot of different ways. Remember that you are only limited by your imagination!


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