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How To Use Lighting Filters On Backgrounds

Posted by Marissa Scheid on

With the Litra Filter Set, creative lighting has never been easier. From a splash of color to lighting up the entire background in your shot, the Filter Set expands the capabilities of the Torch, making it all the more versatile. In this video, photography YouTube star SnapChick explains how she used her Litra Torch and Filter Set to test out different background shades in a recent photo shoot. She shares how to:

  • Attach Your Filters
  • Set Up Your Torch
  • Adjust Settings and Colors

For the object in focus, SnapChick uses a small Star Wars figurine and swaps in different colors in the background. As you’ll see, using different combinations of lumen output, color filters, and light positioning, the possibilities are endless. For the quick set-up guide, follow the steps below.

1. Attach Your Filters

To attach your filters to your Litra Torch, first pick the filter color you want to use. Place the filter over the front of the Torch. Then pop the black frame over the filter to lock the filter into place.

litratorch led light filter set

litratorch led light filters setup litratorch led light filters setup litratorch led light filters setup

2. Set Up Your Torch

In this video, SnapChick keeps the up-close mini figure in unfiltered light. For the background, she bounces filtered light off of a reflector behind the figure. To mount your Torch, you have several different options. SnapChick opted for a light stand in this shoot, but you can also attach your Torch directly to your camera with the Litra Cold Shoe Ball Mount, or to the Litra Tripod or Handle for a hands-free set-up. 

litratorch on camera red filter

3. Adjust Settings and Colors

The Litra Filter Set comes with a variety of colors including red, yellow, blue, and green as well as Rosco Tungsten gels and a white diffuser. To test out different colors, you can easily take the black cover off and swap in other filters. To find the depth and richness of color that you want in your shot, experiment with different Litra Torch positioning and output settings:

  • Level 1 – 100 lumens
  • Level 2 – 450 lumens
  • Level 3 – 800 lumens
  • Strobe – 2200 lumens

background color filter litratorch

background color filter litratorch background color filter litratorch background color filter litratorch

SnapChick uses her filters in the studio, however with its durable and diverse design, the Litra Filter Set can be used in all different situations. Pop on a filter during an night surf to light up your waves or take it on the trails and in your car as a colored safety light.

For more videos by SnapChick, check out her channel HERE.

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