ImageVISION Light Painting With The LitraTorch

July 19, 2018 0 Comments

The expert photo and video crew at ImageVISION in Japan recently produced a video showing several creative ways to use the LitraTorch and filter set to get unique, colorful photos. Mixing video footage and still shots, you can see just how they captured these epic photos. In the video, their team uses a few different techniques including light painting and spotlighting to bring their vision to life. Check out the video and learn more about these photography and videography lighting techniques below.

Light Painting

light painting with litratorch light painting with litratorch

Photo credit: ImageVISION

Light painting is a fascinating form of long exposure photography that allows you to capture colorful “painted” streaks in your photos out of light. Incorporating multiple lights and colors can make the shots that much more interesting. Once you've established a basic light painting setup, experimenting with different camera settings, LitraTorch light levels, light motions, and filter colors can help you capture a variety of unique shots. For more tips, B&H has a great in-depth guide to light painting that can be found HERE.


spotlighting with litratorch spotlighting with litratorch

Photo credit: ImageVISION

In several shots of the video, you can see LitraTorches mounted on tripods or magnetically mounted to metal surfaces, shining light on the subject. Using Litra lights as a main source of lighting in a darker scene can create a cool spotlight effect. To find the exact composition you want, play with different light output levels, positioning, and angles. Often times in photography and videography you only want a small, concentrated light source to keep the overall frame relatively dark, so the LitraTorch is a great option for those looking for a spotlight effect.

light painting with litratorchPhoto credit: ImageVISION

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