Litra Creative Corner ft. Anthony Walsh

November 16, 2020 0 Comments


Welcome to Litra's Creative Corner! Our series hosted by cinematographer and Litra ambassador Dru Williams. In the series we will cover lighting tips, tricks, how to's and more! We're live on Instagram once a month at 3PM PST!

In this segment, Dru chats with professional surfer and content creator, Anthony Walsh!

Anthony is an athlete, producer, filmer and editor for GoPro. Anthony grew up in a small town and at a young age his brother and he would take photos of each other surfing even with old disposable film cameras when he was around the age of 10 or 11. As Anthony progressed in surfing, he also moved up to making his own camera housings around 19-20 years old. Anthony started making mounts so he could mount DSLR cameras to himself and his surfboards. Technology got better and better and Anthony got put in contact with GoPro which only had a couple employees at the time when they were coming out with their digital camera (before that was a disposal film camera). Since then, Anthony and his friend Tyler made their own our GoPro accessory company, which was eventually acquired by GoPro.

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