LitraPro - Studio Lighting In Your Pocket

June 26, 2019 0 Comments

LitraPro is the world's first full spectrum bi-color compact video and photo adventure light on the market. Built with bluetooth compatibility, adjustable color temperature, and fully dimmable lighting, the LitraPro achieves an entirely new level of compact, rugged, professional lighting. Shop the LitraPro here.

At just 6oz and 2.75" x 2" x 1.2" in size, the LitraPro packs a big punch in a small form factor. It is ultra compact and portable for run-and-gun shooting.

The LitraPro puts out up to 1200 lumen of high quality light, and can be adjusted in 5% increments manually on the device, or remotely through the Litra smartphone application.

With the LitraPro you can adjust the color temperature of your light from 3000K-6000K in 100K increments, all in real time manually or remotely through the Litra smartphone application.

Designed with cutting edge technology and best in class LED components, the LitraPro has a 95+ CRI, 70 degree beam angle, and is flicker free at all shutter angles.

Litra lights are built to endure the inevitable bumps and drops of photography and filmmaking, and will keep up with your most ambitious projects. That's why the LitraPro is MIL-SPEC 810 tested and waterproof up to 90 feet.

Control your LitraPro directly on the unit using the simple, intuitive OLED display, or control your LitraPro from the Litra smartphone application. Through the app, you can control single or multiple lights, pair multiple lights, adjust color temperature, lumen, and strobe settings.