LitraStudio Used As Sole Lighting in Robot Dream Music Video

September 28, 2020 0 Comments

A new music video, Yesterday by Robot Dream, was directed and produced by Dru Williams and features the LitraStudio as the sole lighting source for the video. Check it out in the video above and check out a couple of insights on how the lights were used in our quick Q&A with Dru below.

Where was the video shot?
We shot Yesterday in 4 different locations.
- We used Quarters SLC - a great video arcade bar
- An open Alley in SLC
- Driving around downtown SLC w/ car mount
- 43 Productions Studio

How many LitraStudio's did you use/need?
We used 2 the entire shoot with a mix of the modifier being on and off.

What was the advantage of having the LitraStudios used on this project?
The Litra Studio packs a large punch for such a small light. From the car the tight spaces in the arcade. This video simply wouldn't look the way it does without the Litra Studio.

Any particular settings / presets that you used?
I used the color cycle setting at a speed of 1%. This allowed each take to be lit differently and supplied a variety of color options once we start post production. I also set up a solid blue and pink color tone in the studio for a continuous beautiful retro style light. I don't think the lights ever reached 100% on at any location.

Stay tuned for the behind-the-scenes video coming soon!