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LitraTorch Reviewed On Gadget Flow

Posted by Marissa Scheid on

litratorch led light review

Photo credit: Gadget Flow

Weston Lanpher from Gadget Flow reviews the LitraTorch in a recent article. Find out why the Gadget Flow team loves the build quality, lighting strength, portability, and compatibility of the LitraTorch! Read the full review HERE

"If you are a photographer or videographer pursuing the golden hour of light, you’ll need the Litra Torch to find your way through the darkness. What about for working on your car in a poorly lit space? Litra Torch solves that, too. It can even work as studio lighting if you need some lightweight, portable, and easy to set up lights for when you aren’t shooting in your studio space. The uses of the Litra Torch are limited only by your imagination. . . The Litra Torch is the ultimate professional portable lighting solution for every situation!"

- Weston Lanpher, Gadget Flow

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