LitraTorch Reviewed On ShutterBug

October 25, 2017

litratorch led light review

Jon Sienkiewicz from ShutterBug reviews the World’s Most Versatile Light - the LitraTorch. Learn why Jon is impressed with the design and construction quality of the LitraTorch. Read the full review HERE.

"If it wasn’t so corny I’d call the LitraTorch a pocket full of sunshine. Instead I’ll call it the future of portable constant lighting for videographers and photographers. On one hand the LitraTorch is really nothing more than a heavy-duty rechargeable battery with eight powerful LEDs built in, a virtually unbreakable form factor and a slug of neat accessories. Upon more thorough examination it becomes a superbly engineered and beautifully crafted lighting system."

- Jon Sienkiewicz, ShutterBug

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