#MyCovidCapture Contest Winners

June 23, 2020 0 Comments


About a month ago we put out a call on Litra to...well, everyone. We've all been in a difficult time now for a few months, and are all living each day with a new definition of "normal." We wanted to know what this new normal looks for you Are you spending more time baking? Are you having to adapt to your kids at home all day long? Is your spouse on the front lines, coming home exhausted? Are you near a popular hangout spot that is now empty? Are you at your last roll of toilet paper? Whether it's happy, sad, funny, inspiring, we wanted you to capture the emotions that are real to you now. 

We received to many inspiring and touching photos through the hashtag and are so excited to share the winners with you!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our #MyCovidCapture giveaway!  Congratulations to these photographers! Check out their Instagram pages for more inspiring content.


1st Place - Rois Robbani (@zeis_lauda)

2nd Place - Joe Pellicone (@notyouravgjoe)

3rd Place - Gaurav Mehra (@hapagachi)

4th Place - Benji Chung (@photos_benji)

5th Place - Houston Illo (@houskali)

#MyCovidCapture Winners