Pro Lighting Tips From Ambassador Anthony Nunez

July 27, 2018 0 Comments

Photography LED Lighting Tips

Meet Litra ambassador and traveling photographer and videographer Anthony Nunez! Anthony is a tour photographer for famous comedian Gabriel Iglesias (also known as Fluffy) and when he’s not on tour, he also shoots drone, video, and stills. We recently caught up with Anthony to find out why he choose Litra gear. Check out his tips below.

What are your favorite features of the LitraTorch?

Being waterproof opens up so many possibilities to be creative with the LitraTorch. I also love the unit being magnetic, it has been so useful when camping out in a van and working on cars.

What is your favorite photo you have taken with your Litra Gear?

I used the LitraTorch with red filters and diffuser to light up the inside of a deserted plane in Iceland, but would have to say my favorite would be the one I’m going to shoot next with Litra Gear.

Photography LED Lighting Tips

What’s your go-to photography setup?

I shoot with Nikon D-5 and D850, 14-24mm 2.8 or 24-70.28 lens.

How have you used your Litra Gear to capture interesting shots?

I have used LitraTorch on many photographs, so far the deserted plane and light painting are great to do with them. [In below photo] I lit up the inside with the white diffuser and shot straight into plane.

Photography LED Lighting Tips

What is your favorite LitraTorch accessory?

My favorite so far is the filters, being able to create moods or having options on how to light a photograph.

How do you use your Litra Gear for light painting?

I have had a lot of fun creating photographs with LitraTorches for light painting, I used LitraTorch, filter set, diffuser and handle. I tied the handle to rope and spun around different angles during 20-30 sec exposures and results were awesome.

Photography LED Lighting Tips Photography LED Lighting Tips

Do you have any tips for using Litra Gear?

Just be creative, and always carry them with you. You never know when or where you will use them.

What is your photography specialty?

I am tour photographer for Comedian Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy) going on 6 years. I shoot Drone, Video and Stills. I love to shoot everything and anything, I never wanted to be labeled as a certain “type” of photographer. When I'm not on tour I try to go to my bucket list of photographs I want to shoot. Last one checked was Northern Lights in Iceland.

Photography LED Lighting Tips

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