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Pro Lighting Tips From Frank Heinen

Posted by Marissa Scheid on

Meet Litra Ambassador Frank Heinen! Frank is a professional photographer based in Germany, with a specialty in shooting outdoor landscapes and nature using artificial light. Below Frank shares some of his top pro lighting tips. 

What are your favorite features of the LitraTorch?

The daylight color temperature, the even illumination, and the wide beam angle of the LitraTorches!

What is your favorite photo you have taken with your Litra gear?

Taken with one LitraTorch with red Litra Filter and silicone sleeve using Fuji X-T2.

What’s your go-to photography setup?

Two LitraTorches with the Litra Photo Filters

How did you use the LitraTorch to capture this shot?

For this photo I used three LitraTorches and a Head Mount to light the cave.

Do you have any tips for using Litra gear?

Fill your LitraTorches up with a powerbank on Tour!

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