Sergei Boutenko Calls LitraTorch 'An Absolute Game Changer'

October 29, 2018 0 Comments

Filmmaker and Youtube Content Creator Sergei Boutenko reviews the LitraTorch in his latest Youtube video, calling it "an absolute game changer" when it comes to on-camera lighting. Find out how the LitraTorch has revolutionized the way Sergei shoots in low light situations by watching his video above.

“These things are an absolute game changer. As on-camera lights go they are absolutely incredible and I feel like we are living in the future of on-camera lights. Now over the last 14+ years as a filmmaker I’ve used many different lights. I’ve used big ones, I’ve used little ones, I’ve used cheap ones and expensive ones. I’ve used ones that have bulbs that you can’t touch with your hand because the oil in it will literally disintegrate the bulb. And each time you lose one of those bulbs it’s expensive. It can actually be the price of one of these [Litra] lights, if not more. I’ve used big bulky LED lights. And these little Litra lights pretty much outperform most of my lights. 90% of the shooting that I do is kind of run-and-gun documentary style filming, or vlogging, Youtube video stuff. Often I don’t have time to set up a big massive complicated light. I just need to put something on my camera and go really fast and these are the kings so far of anything that I’ve tried.”

- Sergei Boutenko, Boutenko Films

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