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The Ellen Show Uses Litra Gear

Posted by Marissa Scheid on

ellen show uses litratorch

The photo and video team at The Ellen Degeneres Show put their LitraTorches to good use while filming a new video on a Quantas airplane. Luckily, the plane was already pretty well lit but they needed an extra punch to achieve the look they were going for, so they pulled out some LitraTorches. With close to zero setup time and minimal added weight to their gear bag, they were able to access quick and easy fill lighting to capture all their footage on board.

ellen show uses litratorch ellen show uses litratorch

“When I got the opportunity to help light a shoot on the new Dreamliner airplane I was pleased because the aircraft already had such beautiful lighting. What we did with the Litra Torches is amp up the ambience. Working on an airplane can be a tight and interesting squeeze but the Torches were the most portable and useful light I have ever used. These lights were so handy walking around the cabin. We were even able to set up in the small galley kitchens where the food was being prepared without being in the way of the Flight Attendants! The lights were also used in a slo-mo coffee pouring scene with a shining of the torch into a single piece of paper for diffusion. I am in love with the output and versatility of this light. The possibilities are seriously endless!”

- Tyler Mark Henderson, Director of Photography at The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Watch The Video

To see the end result, watch the video below, “OMKalen Down Under: Kalen’s First Time in Australia.”

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