GoPro Light Mod / Zeus Mini LED

  • Price: $49.99

    Add compact yet powerful LED lighting to your next adventure. With the GoPro Light Mod / Zeus Mini LED, you can illuminate your subject with wide, smooth, even light and capture ultra crisp footage. Great for photo, video, teleconfrencing, drone and task lighting. The Light Mod / Zeus Mini LED has a built in shoe mount to connect directly to industry standard camera shoe mounts or use the included GoPro finger mount adapter to mount to GoPro style accessories.  Litra sells separately a 1/4 20 adapter to mount the light to industry standard 1/4 20 accessories and sells exclusive color gels and light modifiers to take your creative lighting to the next level.

    • 4 levels of brightness—up to 200 lumens—for crisp detail
    Built tough and waterproof to 33ft (10m)
    Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours of runtime
    Built in shoe mount to connect directly to any industry standard camera shoe mount.
    Maximum brightness for up to 30 seconds with Overdrive mode
    Strobe mode for signaling and visibility

  • *This product is excluded from store discounts. 

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