LitraTorch Soft Box Adapter

Price: $4.95

With the LitraTorch Soft Box Adapter you can attach the LitraTorch and LitraTorch 2.0 to the to the LitraPro Soft Box. The Adapter snaps into the Soft Box and then the LitraTorch slides into the Adapter. 

*Soft Box not included

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Christina G.
United States United States

Great adapter to expand and enhance the usability of my Litra Torch. My one reservation would be, like most plastic accessories, it will eventually fatigue and break. Plastic just does that.

Todd P.
I have had so many situations, Player Profiles, Coaches Photos, even Wedding Events where the Torch was too much!

Adding the Silicone Defuser was definitely the first right step Litra made. With the Addition of the Pro to the line they saw the need for a true "Softbox". I was probably not the first person to think "I wish they made one for the Torch. Well this is the even "Better Answer"... This Snaps over the front of your Torch, with out any restrictions to function, it allows for a much larger "Softbox" than what would have fit the Torch directly. I have made it a point to use the Silicon Defuser, then switch to the Softbox during a shoot. I always ask the subject what they thought. With out exception 100% say the Softbox permitted them to look more naturally at camera with out "Any Discomfort". An absolute "Must Have" in my opinion... Thanks team Litra!