Video Conferencing Has Never Been Brighter

zoom video conferencing light at home

Easy to Operate

The LitraTorch and LitraPro lights are incredibly easy to operate. The LitraTorch is a one-touch operation while the LitraPro has a built-in OLED display to easily see light output and color temperature. The LitraPro is also Bluetooth compatible!

Lightweight and Portable

All of our lights are lightweight and portable making them perfect for your at home needs and moving them around the house. 

litratorch on smartphone for facetime lighting
zoom video conference light at home

Powerful & Compact

Litra lights are small but they are mighty! Between the LitraTorch and LitraPro you have more than 2000 combined lumen of output. And they're small enough to fit right in your pocket. Need we say more?

Built-in Battery

Batteries are built-in for all Litra lights and can be used with no cords attached or with a power source attached to allow limitless lighting for as long as you need.

litratorch on desk at home office
litra torch outdoor video light

Indoor / Outdoor

Litra lights are built to last and can weather just about any element thrown at it. Keep it inside or take it outside, options are endless. Built with aluminum housing these lights are tough. No need to worry about dropping the lights or getting them wet!

True Color

The LitraTorch 2.0 and LitraPro are above 90 CRI which means your skin tones look correct and you look awake and healthy under our professional lighting solutions. Litra let's you look professional while working from home.

Our lights in action at home